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Telaah ulang terhadap pemahaman hadith sebagai sumber hukum Islam kedua :

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Hadith, according to the of ulama' is the second source of Islamic law after the Qor'an. It functions to clarify the basic law which is authenticated in the Qur'an. The position of Hadith as one of the primary sources of Islamic law, therefore, is unquestionable. This article tries to give a new perspective in understanding the position of Hadth. By comparing ulama' and orientalists' analyses, the writer concludes that it needs to reinvestigate the position of the Hadith as the second soure of Islamic law. It is true that the codification of the Hadith has been begun in the late of second century of Hijriah by considering the isnad tradition among sahabat from different generation. Moreover, the history of Islamic word in the period of one-second Hijriah was colored by political disputes which led to the polarization of the muslim. syur.
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